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About Jamailah

Jamailah combines Mediterranean tradition with a contemporary lifestyle to produce a natural and elegant lifestyle. What started in Switzerland years ago came to Charleston, SC in 2020.
We are a small family-owned business with a passion for olive trees. We have been producing premium organic olive oil in Italy and Greece for many years. From the olive trees, we get not only a healthy oil but also a wonderful wood. The olive trees are pruned every year to encourage the production of the olive fruit. This wood is used to produce our elegant tableware products. The finishing, quality control, and oiling of the tableware products take place in Charleston, South Carolina.
We use our high-quality olive oil for this. Olive wood is very robust and solid. It is non-porous and therefore extremely hygienic. Olive wood is very vivid. Have you seen any other wood that can compete with the beautiful patterns of olive wood?
Beauty crafted by nature.