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Bridge was started to solve a pain point that its founder saw clients experiencing. In 2007, Bridge founder Jason Solarek was running a small  design agency that managed retailers' websites. When it came to adding products to retail clients’ websites, he found Excel and Dropbox frustrating to use and felt like they weren’t built to share retail products easily. Due to this problem, he and his team coded its own solution that became Bridge. 

Today, Bridge is an e-commerce platform where businesses can open an online store, share products, sell products, and connect with their business network.

  • Bridge provides a digital platform for merchants that makes running on online business easier and less costly.
  • More than 1,000 brick-and-mortar retailers use it to sell more and save time.
  • More than 105 brands use the Product Syncing marketing service. Clients, which include Juliska, Herend, Baccarat, and Vietri, use the service to output their products in authorized retailers' Bridge Stores. This helps stores boost their online product offering, cut their website maintenance costs, and speed product to market.
  • AmericanExpress calls Bridge "Facebook for retailers."
  • British Airways selected Bridge as one of America's best start ups. 
  • Bridge Store includes a range of consumer-facing features such as an online gift registry and review tool. Bridge Store also includes a suite of B2B productivity tools including a social network for businesses, file sharing, wholesale ordering, and invoicing.