For Sales Reps: Email Template to Send Stores

This is an example of an email that a Salisbury sales representative sent to its stores:


Dear [Store Owner Name],

Do you want to sell 18% more Salisbury? If so, let me share this story with you. There is a web designer in NYC that has helped independent stores sell more Salisbury for over 10 years. He can help you and your associates sell more, too.

In 2007, Jason Solarek was in a NYC restaurant and thinking about his indie retail clients. He drew his clients’ website businesses on a bar napkin. He deduced a way to share resources between brands and retailers. This new solution would save stores time and money, and help them sell more. He started with 8 brands and 2 stores.

Today, Jason’s company, Bridge, has established a partnership with Salisbury and 150 other premium brands and has partnered with over 740 stores.

1. Here is a sheet showing an examples of a Bridge Store:

2. This sheet has more examples of stores and brands using Bridge:

Your cost for the Bridge service is free; the brands pay for the service. You get a Bridge Store filled with all our Salisbury products plus tools for selling. This store can be a standalone site or be linked to your existing site. If you don’t like it, just cancel at any time. 

When you sign up, in 2 minutes, you can show hundreds of products online. 
Here is the signup sheet:

I will be happy to help you fill out the free sign-up sheet.

Let’s talk soon so you can start selling more Salisbury.

Many thanks, 

Jim Flattum

Bay Ridge Rep Group

[Sales Rep's Name]