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Jason Solarek at 2:05 PM • August 5, 2022
I met Georgi, who runs this mobile sewing shop, while walking down the Bowery yesterday.  I shared with her the story of Ronni Solbert, a neighbor who illustrated a childrens book about peddlers like her, and praised her for being an indie business—with a creative delivery approach. Georgi said her cart had previously been a coffee cart and was repurposed during the pandemic when people wanted to get their clothes hemmed in airy locals. 

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Jason Solarek at 1:50 PM • October 24, 2020
Jim Power, the legendary East Village mosaic artist, is profiled in the blog Bedford & Bowery.  We share with Jim a passion to make local neighborhoods vibrant. Bridge commissioned Jim to create four mosaics for Bridge.  Whereas Jim uses pieces of tile, marbles, and broken plates, Bridge's 'mosaics' are computer pixels. Regardless of the material, we both seek to help indie stores thrive. A vibrant community is a mosaic of indie businesses, artists, and ...Read more of post

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Jason Solarek at 6:42 PM • February 7, 2020
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Jason Solarek at 6:42 PM • February 7, 2020
Dear Friends, 

I’m writing to sadly share that my dad Don Solarek passed away last week.  He was quiet, thoughtful, and would gladly walk in New York City from the Battery to Harlem. 

Don always had time to chat with me, share a story, give a lesson, and encourage me.  He helped me with my paper route at 6 am when it was 3º in Rochester. He came to every high school cross country race and wrestling match—which were often held ...Read more of post

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February 8, 2020 • 04:07 PM
Maureen at Alioto's :
I am so sorry Jason- it's difficult and you will never forget but he must be proud of you EVERYDAY- Sera

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February 13, 2020 • 03:52 PM
Kimmie at Parkleigh :
So sorry for your loss, Jason.
Rochester lost a gem!

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