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Jason Solarek at 2:05 PM • August 5, 2022
I met Georgi, who runs this mobile sewing shop, while walking down the Bowery yesterday.  I shared with her the story of Ronni Solbert, a neighbor who illustrated a childrens book about peddlers like her, and praised her for being an indie business—with a creative delivery approach. Georgi said her cart had previously been a coffee cart and was repurposed during the pandemic when people wanted to get their clothes hemmed in airy locals. 

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Jason Solarek at 2:13 PM • August 3, 2022
Image credit: New York Times / Lisa Solbert Sheldon
The Pushcart War by Jean Merrill and Ronni Solbert
Amazon controls about 40% of the online U.S. retail market. Source: eMarketer
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Jason Solarek at 2:13 PM • August 3, 2022
An East Village Artist’s Death Prompts a Reflection on the State of Indie Retailers Today


While thumbing through the Times, I noticed a smiling young woman’s picture in the obituaries. In the black and white photograph, she's standing on a fire escape with a historic building and a bridge in the distance.  I was initially attracted to Ronni Solbert’s 1959 picture, yet I was even more drawn in by what I noticed next to ...Read more of post

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August 6, 2022 • 12:45 PM
Jason at :
This past week, I said that Amazon mirrored the trucking companies in Ms. Solbert’s book. I cited large acquisitions that Amazon had made. A day after my post above, Amazon announced it was making yet another billion dollar purchase: Roomba for $1.7b.

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Jason Solarek at 10:28 AM • March 6, 2020
Last week we learned that J. Crew was hacked:

Sadly, we learned of this hack LAST week when it actually happened in...wait for it...April 2019–almost a year ago.

I predict that hacking is going to happen to more and more brands and stores in our industry. I think these victims will either turn over most online operations to a third party—or close due to costs. &...Read more of post

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