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Jason Solarek at 11:18 AM • Yesterday
Source: Scott Galloway's No Mercy / No Malice blog
Source: Scott Galloway's No Mercy / No Malice blog
Bridge's website in 2015 touted streaming products to a retail website just like one can stream movies via Netflix or music via Spotify.
A 2015 graphic comparing Bridge's Product Syncing service to popular TV streaming services.
Scott Galloway, the NYU business professor and firebrand, pens a weekly, attention-grabbing article about business trends. In last week’s post, he noted the rise of the attention economy.  (...Yes, my post is an attention-seeker writing about an attention-seeker writing about attention.) Comparing our current economy to those of the past, Mr. Galloway notes that today’s oil is time. He tracks the growth of digital companies like Netflix, Microsoft, ...Read more of post

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Abby Ramos-Dottin at 11:51 AM • September 27, 2022
A registrant can now redeem applicable gifts by clicking this new green button on their registry list.
A registrant fills out this new form to redeem items that have been gifted.
We've added a new feature to your Bridge account: a registrant can now request redemption of a gift purchased on their registry. 

When a registrant is logged in to their registry, they will see a "Request redemption of this gift" button next to items that have been gifted to them and that have a qualifying order status. The registrant can click the "Request redemption of this gift" button and fill out the form with the details of how they...Read more of post

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4:48 PM • September 26, 2022
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September 26, 2022
PDF Sheet to Sign Up Retailer for a Bridge Catalog and Store
Please use this sheet to sign up a retailer for a free Bridge catalog and store. This sheet includes:
+ Top-selling Product Syncing Brands and the number of products they share via Bridge.
+ Option to add an online store and the gift registry service.

What the store receives:
+ An online store.
+ Gift registry software.
+ Product data from Product Syncing Brands. (The store must be an authorized dealer to sync.)
+ The ability to add an unlimited number of products from any brand. (They're not limited to our partner brands.)
+ A quick solution to compete with Amazon, Zola, and large e-commerce players. A new website often costs $6,000 and $100s each month to maintain. Help your friend save this money.
+ See more Bridge Store features here:

+ Can a store with no website sign up for Bridge Store? Yes.
+ Can a store with an existing website sign up for Bridge Store? Yes.
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Jason Solarek at 12:05 PM • September 23, 2022
Brick-and-mortar stores may soon have to replace sofas with shipping stations to keep up with online players like Amazon and Zola.
In Bridge Store, a gift registrant can now request the redemption of an applicable gift.
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Jason Solarek at 12:05 PM • September 23, 2022
Today’s Gen Z gift registrants want to do everything online, often on their iPhone 14. They want to start a registry, add products, remove products, edit quantities, and view purchases. They don't want to call the store to do this.   

In the adoption of digital tools, another trend is also at play: female shoppers are busier than before. Today, more women graduate from college than men. Women are increasingly doctors, CEOs, and world leaders. (...Read more of post

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September 23, 2022 • 02:08 PM
Matt at Casafina :
Sales are vanity
Profits sanity
And cash is king
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Jason Solarek at 5:56 PM • September 8, 2022
My mom and me on my college campus in 1996, as seen on my refrigerator.
Bridge’s positive retailer growth correlates with a drop in our fee for Product Syncing.
Bridge's complicated 2010 pricing chart.
When I was a kid, my mom instilled in me a lesson to always get paid for my work. When I went to mow a lawn or do my newspaper route, she’d remind me,  “Be sure you get paid.”  As an adult, these flashbacks are vivid like a scene from Citizen Kane—just swap out the Rosebud sled with my newspaper delivery bike.  Today, this lesson still resonates when running Bridge. When calling a store that hasn’t paid its Bridge bill, I&...Read more of post

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Jason Solarek at 4:27 PM • September 1, 2022
The Wall Street Journal offers Amazon gift cards as a subscription incentive.
When is the last time you received a Starbucks gift card?  I’ve received them as holiday gifts, and I’ve given them to sales reps as thank you gifts. Starbucks gift cards, like their shops, are ubiquitous.  They are almost as popular as gift cards from our nemesis: Just about every month, a company offers me an Amazon gift card if I sign up for a service. WBGO, the local, Newark-based, non-profit radio station known for jazz, recently ...Read more of post

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Jason Solarek at 4:20 PM • August 14, 2022
The areas outlined in magenta are new to Bridge. The registrant sees these check boxes below steps #4 and #5 respectively. When the registrant checks these boxes, the store can more quickly confirm the registrant's actions.
Your Bridge has a new feature. You can now more easily manage your gift registry bonuses.

Your Bridge Store's Gift Registry software has a marketing program built in. This program gives registrants (e.g. brides) a monetary bonus if they complete five steps. Previously, when registrants reported that they added a link on their social media page, a store would have to ask the registrant on which platform they added the link. The same process occurred when ...Read more of post

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August 14, 2022 • 06:18 PM
Michele at The Coastal Cupboard :
Thank you Bridge for continuously looking for new ways to help us - we are most grateful to your entire team!
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August 16, 2022 • 05:23 PM
Bob at Fragile :
Thank you! Anything you can do to help us save time is greatly appreciated!

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Jason Solarek at 11:15 AM • August 14, 2022
Botanic Garden, a pattern from the brand Portmeirion, is celebrating its 50th anniversary shares Tableware Today magazine.  The pattern, which is based on an 1817 herbal book’s illustrations, was unconventional at the time because it came in unmatching sets.  Store buyers feared it wouldn’t sell.  Fifty years later, the pattern has sold more than $1b and accounts for about half of Portmeirion’s sales. The company’s daughter created ...Read more of post

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Diana Duffy Thompson at Skyros Designs 9:27 AM • August 7, 2022
🥂🍾We’re sincerely grateful to all Skyros brides and their grooms for allowing us to share this very special time of your life… We wish you joy, love and happiness on your wedding day as you begin your new life together!
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August 8, 2022 • 08:23 PM
Jason at :
Nice pic 🌿

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Jason Solarek at 6:04 PM • August 2, 2022
In this e-commerce age, a store being found on page 1 of Google is very important.  Online advertising has become much more expensive recently, making being found even more important. Being found in Google saves the store on costly advertising.

Sometimes a potential client asks me if their store uses Bridge Store software, will their store rank higher in Google? The answer: Yes.  In this example, we Googled "gift registry texas." We see that ...Read more of post

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August 7, 2022 • 06:24 PM
Mary at The Barnard Company :
I googled Georgia and did not see my page. Is there anything I can do to help my shop show up

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